An outcome of exemplary leadership is to adopt an attitude of gratitude, selfless service, and compassion. A condition of participation in the job placement program is that every graduate is given an opportunity to enroll in our Alumni Giving Program for a minimum of 12-months upon receiving a job offer through employment services.

Graduates who earn their college degree, get placed in a new job or successfully launch their career through our Employment Services program, are expected to give back to offset the costs of paying for job placement services. Our Alumni giving options include:

  • Facilitation – Alumni elect to facilitate one or more eCourses in the OLC Portal.
  • Mentor/Coach – Alumni elect to mentor and coach students through the employment services program.
  • Donation – Alumni elect to give a monetary contribution to support the OT Academy Scholarship program.
  • Faculty Assistant – Alumni elect to provide academic support to faculty and moderate OLC learning activities and forums.
  • Event Management – Alumni elect to volunteer to help plan, manage, and implement fundraising events.
  • Ambassadorship – Alumni serves as an exemplary leader and spokesman/woman for OT Academy.

Exemplary Leadership and Service