This program is designed to ensure that our students are well prepared and ready for the experience of college life and the social and academic responsibilities of earning a college degree. Student’s completing this program must score a minimum of 80% on the Aptitude Readiness and Information Literacy assessments before starting a degree program.

HSE100English Language Reading170
HSE101English Language Writing170
HSE103Social Studies170
Length (weeks)5350

Aptitude Readiness

Aptitude readiness is central to being ready for college level work. College readiness and preparation focuses on Common Core Standards. The Common Core State Standards are a clear set of shared goals and expectations for the knowledge and skills students need in English language arts and mathematics at each grade level so they can be prepared to succeed in college, career, and life. Our Aptitude Readiness Assessment complies with the National Common Core State Standards published by the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Information Literacy

Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and how to locate, evaluate, and use information. Information literacy is also increasingly important in the contemporary environment of rapid technological change and proliferating information resources. Our Information Literacy Assessment complies with the Information Literacy Competency Standards published by the Association of Colleges & Research Libraries.