Educational costs are established by the Board of Trustees. Education costs listed are subject to change without notice. The OT Academy is sponsored by SHINSHURI Foundation. Educational costs do not include tuition or room and board and are based on the following:

  • Courseware, Books and Supplies (required by eCourses) – average $2,625
  • Technology Fees – average $2,755
  • Residency Fees – average $300
  • Transportation (to and from residency location) – average $300
  • Travel, Accommodations, and food expenses (related to residency)* – average $2,000

Note: * Denotes students are responsible for these additional expenses.

Financial Assistance and Management

Students may apply to attend the academy and request one or more of the following funding options:

  • Financial Aid
  • myEduPlan™
  • Scholarship

The college does not require or request students to complete student loan applications. We work with each student based on his or her financial need and family/household income. Every student’s situation is unique and we service all students with the intent to address his or her unique and specific situation or need.

To apply for one or more of our financial assistance programs complete our Financial Service Application.

Refund Policy

Detailed billing information is available on student bills and in their student accounts on the OLC Portal. The college’s refund policy allows for refunds when financial aid processing results in an over-payment balance in any given quarter. Actual refund dates are listed in the Credit Schedule; which we publish twice annually.

The date of official withdrawal is the date when the properly completed forms are in the possession of the Registration/Student Records Office. Before the quarter starts, full refunds will be issued ONLY to students who have officially withdrawn from the OT Academy in writing or on the web before the first day of the start of a quarter. All student withdrawals are subject to our Admission and Attendance policy.


  • Student withdraws/drops from degree program/college before start of class – 100% refundable
  • Student withdraws/drops from degree program/college during 1st or 2nd year – No Refund
  • Student withdraws/drops from an eCourse before start of a quarter – 100% refundable
  • Student withdraws/drops from an eCourse during first week of scheduled class – 50% refundable
  • Student withdraws/drops after first week of regularly scheduled classes – No Refund
  • Student withdraws/drops before first week of regularly scheduled classes – 100% refundable
  • Student withdraws/drops after start of regularly scheduled classes – No Refund

Students will not receive a refund when he/she does not successfully pass an eCourse and must retake an eCourse. Students required to retake an eCourse are responsible for education costs for each eCourse he/she must retake. Regular quarter fees apply for all Retake eCourses. In the event OT Academy must cancel an eCourse for lack of sufficient enrollment, eCourse costs for that quarter are refunded.

Collection Process

In an effort to keep the education costs down, OT Academy utilizes a standard collection process including any collection costs and/or attorney fees for unpaid indebtedness to the college. Additionally, student transcripts are withheld and the college will deny registration and readmission to students who:

  • Are indebted to the college
  • Have failed to return books or equipment loaned to them
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  • Financial Aid
  • myEduPlans™
  • Scholarships

No student loans needed or required!