This eCourse introduces new students to the features and functions of the Oracle Learning Community (OLC) portal.


This eModule introduces the features and functions of the Oracle Learning Community (OLC) portal frontend. It covers the components of the online learning platform, eCourse structure and virtual classrooms, academic policies, curricula and courseware, interacting, completing assignments, and degree program requirements. Students and faculty learn how to access, interact, share, and contribute to their development and leadership.

No.LessonsTime (Minutes)
2Access and User Roles20
3Frontend Navigation90
4eCourse Products60
5Forums and Groups30
6Knowledge Exam30


This eClass expands on the introduction presented in the eModule. Students learn how to use features in the portal, access various eModules and eClasses, interact, share, and contribute, and complete assignments and projects. This eClass gives students the opportunity to practice the competencies and skills learned.

No.SessionsTime (Minutes)
1Learning Architecture240
2Educational Policy240
3Collaborating and Sharing240
4Performance Exam60