Employment Services are available to assist and prepare students and graduates for gainful employment. Students/Graduates work with an Employment Coordinator to develop interview skills, identify possible employers, schedule interviews, and manage the candidate and employer relationship.

When employment is offered, the Employment Coordinator works with graduates to review contracts to be certain students fully understand the expectations of the job role, compensation, and benefits. Our goal is to work with every student to help them through the process on the road to a job or career placement opportunity.

Students must submit an Employment Services Application, complete training, and meet academic and job placement requirements before they can participate in employment service opportunities. Employment Services includes: internship, training, and job placement services.


Internships and other external learning experiences provide opportunities for students to earn academic credit for approved work or research programs in cooperation with SHINSHURI Foundation, corporate partners, local business. These practical experiences are supervised by OT Academy faculty, who assign grades and provide ongoing oversight.

Our academic policy is to support traditional academic theory toward viable business and organizational application. OT Academy has designed the curriculum of academic programs to be inclusive of the organizational and business needs of SHINSHURI Foundation, corporate partners, and local businesses. Every student must complete an internship at the end of their degree program. The internship is a Residency eCourse that students must successfully complete before they can graduate.

Note: Students must successfully complete an employer internship before submitting a petition for graduation.


Students are required to complete job placement and employment training before they can be scheduled for employer interviews or use any job placement services.

Job Placement

After students successfully complete graduation, they become eligible for job placement and career development services. These services include interview planning and scheduling, intern to employee conversion planning, resume development and writing, job search, and marketing.

Employer Partner