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    OT Academy

    Note: Access and review all policies listed in the Student Handbook or Faculty Handbook, when answering the scenario question.

    • Benjamin Jacobs’ mother calls you to request information about her son’s grades and asked to see his progress. What should you do?
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    I would explain to Benjamin Jacob’s mother that the FERPA laws restrict OTA from disclosing a student’s grades, even to a parent, unless the student is under age 18.
    If she wishes to discuss his progress, he must give me his consent to allow me to disclose.

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      Dr. Shinshuri

      Great. One more point of detail. Don;t forget to remind parents that students that are no under 18 must be legal dependents on their most recent tax return to allow the school to disclose personal information about the student, when requested. Otherwise, we cannot disclose without prior authorization from the student.

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    Kimerli Sawyer

    I would ascertain his age. That would determine if the information can be released.

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    Candice Thomas

    You must obtain consent from the student if over 18 years old. I would explain this to the parent so that they understand the policy as well.

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    Phillip Seibel

    I would share what I am allowed to share, based on whether or not the student is a minor. If the student is underage, I would share the information and discuss the student’s progress with the parent. If the parent is not underage, I would have to tell the parent that I would need written consent from the student, or at least get the student on the call at the same time.

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