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    OT Academy

    Note: Access and review all policies listed in the Student Handbook or Faculty Handbook, when answering the scenario question.

    • Boston Cellars filed a grievance with Academic Affairs citing discriminatory comments about his sexuality, which was shared among you and other faculty members in a private group chat. How would you respond to his claim?
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    I would respond by saying to the grievance committee that it was not my intent to be discriminatory in any way. I would formally apologize to Boston Cellars, if anything I may have said was interpreted in such a way that it caused him any pain.

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      Dr. Shinshuri

      Excellent! It is always authentic to acknowledge a person’s pain and own your part in the experience even when their was no malicious intent. Thank you for your response.

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      Phillip Seibel

      This is a tough one for me personally, because I have been on the receiving end of these complaints when the policy was that the offender’s intent has no bearing on whether or not discrimination has occurred. My first step would be to discuss the issue privately with the grievant, if possible, to try and resolve things at that level. If that is not possible, I would apologize and try to come up with a mutually satisfactory solution.

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    Candice Thomas

    I would apologize and explain that it was not my intention to make him feel like he was discriminated against in any way.

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    Kimerli Sawyer

    After attempting to remedy the situation with the student to assure them that there was no intentional discrimination, I would let them know they have the right to file a formal grievance and immediately notify the appropriate persons (grievance committee)

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