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    OT Academy

    Note: Access and review all policies listed in the Student Handbook or Faculty Handbook, when answering the scenario question.

    • Jessica Beal’s academic performance the first four weeks of the eCourse was stellar. During weeks 5 and 6 you notice a significant drop in her attendance and participation. What would you do to help?
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    As faculty, I would ask to schedule an appointment to speak with Jessica. During our conversation, I would tell Jessica that I am concerned about her significant drop in participation and attendance, and ask her if she wished to share anything with me.

    I would assure Jessica that everything she says will be held in strictest confidence. I would remind her that it is her responsibility to keep the lines of communication open.
    From there, we would address how we can get her back on track.

    I would remind her of her previous stellar performance and of the attendance and participation policies, as stated in her Student Handbook. I would encourage her to come up with a plan of action to get back on track, and assure her that I will be more than willing to assist her to put her plan into action.

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    Dr. Shinshuri

    I love your approach. It was beautifully stated. I would go a step further and reassure Jessica that she also can count on me to support her in staying on track and assist her in creating an action plan if she needs that assistance.

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    Kimerli Sawyer

    The 3rd time, the student is required to pay $100 retake fee.

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    Kimerli Sawyer

    I would call the student to determine what barriers were preventing her from participating and see if there was a way that I could help her to complete the class by offering alternative ways to participate.

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    Phillip Seibel

    I would want to have a discussion with Jessica to try and identify what was causing the slip in performance. Once that has been done, I would work with her to make a plan to get her caught up and back to the performance she was enjoying previously. Perhaps some extra credit would be needed, or maybe getting her in touch with fellow students if she needs some extra help beyond what I can personally provide.

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    Candice Thomas

    First, I would reach out to her to find out what is going on and if there is anything I can do to help her. I would also suggest strategies to help her stay on track depending on what the issue is. If it is something that she does not understand I would take the time to explain the instructions further, anything I can do to help. Possible make-up assignments or offering the opportunity to redo some assignments or submit late ones, if needed and depending on the situation.

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