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    OT Academy

    Note: Reinforce the Guiding Principles as you complete the collaboration and sharing scenario.

    • What does interactive, collaborative, immersive and engaging learning experience look or feel like? Share your experiences and perspective
    • How do you plan to co-create and stimulate collaborative learning for others? Share your experiences and perspective
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    • An interactive, collaborative, immersive, and engaging learning experience is one in which all participants (faculty, students, administrators, employers), feel successful. They feel as if they are learning, growing, and accomplishing. This is created by administrators who write eCourses that provide for this totally immersive, collaborative environment. It is further brought forth by facilitators who understand that we must all have the collaborative energy to create an engaging learning experience. Not only do the faculty members encourage students to participate, faculty jump right into the experience and participate with the students. In this way, faculty drive the discussions and foster success. Over my years in higher education, I have often provided my students with collaborative assignments. It has been my experience that those teams of students who realized the value of collaborating, and sought out my input into their collaboration, were the students who gained the most from the collaborations, and, ultimately, achieved the most success.

    • My plan for co-creating and encouraging collaborative learning for my students is very simple. I will use the team projects written for my eCourses, and have discussions with each team, to be certain they understand their assigned project. I will remind them that I am available, on an ongoing basis, to assist and encourage them in any way. In my live eClass sessions, I will provide opportunity for collaboration through questions posted to the eCourse Forum, and have students return to the live session to discuss their ideas. Lively discussion always leads to immersive learning experiences.

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    Eugene Ceballos

    I plan on having the students interact or interview certain individuals who are involved in public service around their city. For example Mayors, council members, board of directors etc…I will then have them come into the OLC portal where they will have to report and share their experience with their peers. They will have to respond to at least two of their peers.

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      Hello, Eugene. You have an interesting idea, to have students interview community leaders. On what topics will you have them do these interviews? How will you integrate and relate this type of assignment into the content of the eCourses you will facilitate? I would love to discuss this further with you.

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