Personal Transformation Leadership

The Personal Transformation Leadership (PTL) program introduces a model for exemplary leadership. It is an action-based model where individuals learn to awaken their inner potential, express and communicate through their inner power to know, activate higher-level thinking and consciousness, and apply inner wisdom to live a powerful, productive, and prosperous life.

The program uses a blended learning approach where students receive individualized instruction combined with interactive eLearning and professional coaching. Students work on individual projects, which include creative writing, public speaking, and other opportunities to communicate and give presentations. Students are also required to publish community blogs, book reviews, personal life stories, and other types of literary works to connect, share, contribute, and interact with others in the learning community.

PTL100Live an Awakened Life173
PTL101Power to Know174
PTL102Channel Your Creative Power173
PTL103Universal Truth173
PTL104Personal Transformation Leadership Residency172
PTL105Fitness & Nutrition173
PTL106Financial Information Literacy 174
PTL107Financial Planning Literacy174
PTL108Cycle of Life174
PTL109Exemplary Leadership Residency178
Length (weeks)106838

PACE Leadership

The PACE Leadership program introduces a model for exemplary leadership to students who suffer from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) or ongoing mental health and behavioral life issues that continue to be a challenge to their health and well-being. Students learn to recognize and observe disruptive and destructive, behavioral, mental, and emotional patterns that can limit their personal growth, and development.

PACE stands for Positive Actions and Communications Program. The PACE program uses a blended learning approach where students receive individualized instruction combined with immersive social learning experiences, and clinical healthcare services to help them remove debilitating lifestyle patterns that can hinder the growth and personal well-being and development. Students work on personalized lessons, practice activities, develop action and leadership plans, and complete regular counseling sessions to help them stay on course to resolve and correct any adverse issues dues to trauma and ACE symptoms.

PCS100ACE Introduction173
PCS101PACE Communication174
PCS102Overcoming Addiction173
PCS103Cycle of Abuse173
PCS104Live Immersive Practice172
PCS105Trauma Facts and Symptoms173
PCS106Causes of Trauma174
PCS107Trauma Triggers and Treatment174
PCS108Living and Being Well174
PCS109PACE Leadership Residency178
Length (weeks)106838
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PTL Program

Three types of adversity that make for a tough childhood.

PACE Program