OT Academy accepts applications for new students and faculty continuously throughout the year. This process is called Cohort Enrollment. Cohort Enrollment occurs quarterly (four times per year) and lasts for 45 days. Currently, we are able to admit up to 75 new students per enrollment cycle on a first come first served basis.

During the Cohort Enrollment period we intake new students and faculty members who are ready and committed to experiencing a revolutionary educational journey.

New students and faculty candidates can submit their applications anytime before the next scheduled Cohort Enrollment period. Each application will be archived and reviewed during each scheduled Cohort Enrollment period. Administration will contact students and faculty directly during each Cohort Enrollment cycle.

Cohort Enrollment Schedule

QuarterDateDuration (Days)
Q1March (1st/2nd Week)45
Q2June (1st/2nd Week)45
Q3September (1st/2nd Week)45
Q4November (1st/2nd Week)45

Students and faculty must complete orientation prior to starting their degree programs and facilitation assignments. The Orientation Schedule outlines when orientation eCourses begin each quarter.

Orientation Schedule

QuarterDateDuration (Weeks)
Q1January (2nd/3rd Week)6
Q2March (2nd/3rd Week)6
Q3July (2nd/3rd Week)6
Q4September (2nd/3rd Week)6

Students must complete their degree programs in a linear sequence two eCourses per quarter. The eCourse Schedule outlines when eCourses begin each quarter.

eCourse Schedule

QuarterDateDuration (Weeks)
Q1January (1st/2nd Week)8
Q2March (1st/2nd Week)8
Q3June (1st/2nd Week)8
Q4September (1st/2nd Week)8