Bringing focus to innovative, accessible, and affordable college education, and enrich the lives of every student.

Expanding Learning Innovation

OT Academy offers a unique alternative to traditional on-campus learning. Immersive online learning allows student from around the world to learn using the latest interactive Web and video technologies without the limits of time and place. It also empowers them to learn through discovery, collaboration, sharing, and experience. We have three learning modalities, which include:

  • eModule — This is an eLearning course held completely online. To participate in students must have a computer and Internet access.
  • eClass — This is blended learning that requires real-time, face- to-face or virtual classroom sessions where faculty and students can interact, share, collaborate, and contribute.
  • Residency — This is an onsite learning experience held once a year in students learning plan, where they interact and collaborate on real-world employer projects to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to produce real solutions and products.

Revolutionizing Education

OT Academy has a unique approach to delivering an accessible and affordable quality education. We take a close look at the financial needs of our students and match their need with alternative sources of funding that excludes student loans. Our goal is to make education accessible and affordable to everyone. To accomplish this, we take the following actions:

  • Access student’s financial needs to allocate funds that reduce the need for student loans.
  • Access student’s financial needs to allocate funds that reduce the need for student loans.
  • Deliver a robust flexible educational experience that integrates employer projects and internships into the academic curricula.
  • Link every graduate to job opportunities through employment services to ensure they get regular paying jobs or receive other gainful employment opportunities.
  • Ensure every alumnus graduate role models exemplary leadership qualities through community giving and service.

Flexible Learning

Our goal is to ensure that learners get an opportunity to practice and apply what they learn, stimulate their sensory perception, and develop their multiple intelligence. We use every technique, method, medium, modality, and technology throughout the entire learning process to ensure that learners emerge as exemplary leaders in their profession. A more in-depth review of our FlexLearn approach is included in Student Orientation.

In a nutshell, flexible education is about creating powerful, inspirational, and compelling instructional tools, methods, and experiences that keep learners engaged and motivated to contribute to their own learning through real-world exploratory hands on practice.


Exemplary Leadership

OT Academy has designed a learning path that leads to your success. It begins with accessing your academic readiness and ends with our Alumni Giving Program. Our goal is to prepare students for the career of their choice, integrate real-world employer projects into the curricula, help each student secure gainful employment, and promote selfless service through our alumni community based program that allows you to give back to the community and be a contributing citizen in society. This learning path includes the following:

  • Access to affordable college education. Receive a college education without the stress and financial debt associated with obtaining student loans.
  • Receive academic support, mentoring, and coaching. Receive instructional support and facilitated life coaching to assist you throughout your personal, academic, and professional development.
  • Work on individual and team-based employer projects. Gain real-world work experiences through individual and team-based projects presented by employers to build your portfolio and résumé.
  • Obtain gainful employment through career planning and job placement services. Receive access to alternative career options through internship and job placement opportunities.
  • Achieve success in your life. Achieve greater success in your life and create a lifestyle that you desire.
  • Give through exemplary leadership and service. Live an authentic leadership lifestyle. Be an example. Help others. Give back through community service.