OT Academy’s associate degrees set high standards for academic achievement, personal leadership development, and human capability and performance, allowing graduates to transfer to colleges of their choice or obtain gainful employment.

Our curriculum allows students to develop and practice industry skills and strategies that build from eCourse to eCourse while receiving practical, real-world projects and work experiences that moves them from novice to expert through our accelerated academic degree programs.

We strive to set high academic expectations and standards while operating at the level where each student is prepared to learn and succeed at his or her own pace through our curriculum framework, which includes:

  • Research based academic programs that allow us to perfect the flexible, facilitation, and learning process
  • Integrated performance assessment that builds competencies and skills through continuous measurement and data collection
  • Real-world practice based experiences and projects integrated into the curricula
  • Practical hands-on internship projects at the end of each program

Debt-free Educational Experience

Students apply to attend the college without the need to use student loans. Students who apply to the academy are assessed for their ability to complete college level education programs, work with a Financial Plan Advisor to manage out-of-pocket education expenses and personal/family finances while in school, and complete a course of study toward their degree with integrated employer-based projects.

Employment Opportunities

Students who successfully complete their degree programs graduate and are prepared for the next stage of their educational experience. Every student-graduate works with an Employment Advisor to prepare for a career through our job placement services or obtain alternative career opportunities (e.g. entrepreneurial business, entertainment, etc.).

Exemplary Leadership

Our student-graduates become alumni once they meet their employment goal. Student-graduates who attain their employment goal give back through our Alumni Giving program. The Alumni Giving program is a way for alumni to demonstrate their leadership by giving to help others.