Students enrolling and taking eCourses for their degree programs require the necessary hardware, software, and technologies.


Students need the following hardware to participant and take eCourses:

  • Laptop/desktop computer or mobile device
  • Minimum screen resolution 1024 x768 (If text overlaps lower zoom level of browser window).
  • WebCam with audio and video capability
  • Video camera, microphone, and audio equipment*

* Required for Digital Media Technology program



Skype is the preferred teleconference software we us with students, faculty, and staff. Skype is a free. Visit the Skype website ( to download the application and install on your computer. Skype is available for Mac and PC users.

Online Meeting and Screen Sharing is the preferred online meeting and screen sharing software we use to allow faculty and staff to share and communicate with students during their eClass sessions. is free, simple, fast online meetings. Share your screen instantly with anyone. Visit the website ( to download the software and start sharing and collaborating with faculty or your teams.

Word Processing and Presentation

Students have options available when choosing word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet. Students can choose from commercial and open source products:

  • Microsoft Office – A commercial product suite offered from Microsoft ( available with student and educational pricing.
  • Apache Open Office – An open source product suite offered from Apache Foundation ( and available for free. This is a similar product to Microsoft office.
  • Google Docs – An free online product suite similar to Microsoft Office offered from Google (
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