The educational experience we provide to our students focuses on reducing the out-of-pocket expenses required to matriculate and attend college. Our goal is to ensure every student acquires access to a quality affordable education.

With our Zero Debt™ education model every student can attend college without the burden of student loan debt, maintain a balanced and healthy financial life, and achieve their personal and career goals.

Financial planning and management is integral to how we make Zero Debt™ education possible. With myEduPlan™ students can plan and manage their personal and family finances while they are in school. Students who work closely with their Financial Plan Advisors stay current and up-to-date with a managed educational profile that helps to reduce their monthly out-of-pocket expenses.

Financial Aid

Financial planning and management is integral to how we make tuition-free education possible. The academy uses a unique approach to determining student financial aid eligibility. This includes calculating federal student aid, verifying each student’s economic state, and previous academic performance. First, we assess each student’s Financial Need using the process required by the U.S. Department of Education and the FAFSA formula.

The Federal Student Aid (FSA) office of the U.S. Department of Education has several financial aid programs that students with financial need can apply to receive financial aid. We work with FSA to determine a student’s eligibility to receive financial assistance through the Pell and Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity (FSEO) grant and work study programs. The maximum award for Pell grant is currently $5,775 per year.

The FSEO grant ranges from $100 to $4000 and is available to students with exceptional financial need. The work study program allows the college to provide real-world work experiences to students while they are in school to earn a federal minimum wage to pay for school.


The myEduPlan™ product calculates the monthly out-of-pocket expense for a student based on his or her financial need, available financial resources for which he or she qualifies, degree program costs, and regular reporting of changing life situations/issues that can have an impact on their financial stability.

We take a closer look at each student’s economic state to access their debt to income ratio. This gives a complete picture of a student’s economic state based on their monthly household expenses and monthly household income. This is an independent assessment in addition to the FAFSA assessment. A financial assessment is necessary to determine if each student is eligible to receive an Education Discount.


We assess each student’s current or past academic performance to determine if he or she is eligible to receive a partial or full scholarship.

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